GRML Finish

GRML Finish

Bones Finishes in first place at the Mother Lode

30 hour AR 2017

30 hour AR 2017

Gold Rush 30 hour Adventure Race Date and Location to be Announced. This could be the 'Cold Rush' you have been waiting for.

Mother Lode Expedition Race

Mother Lode Expedition Race

Mother Lode Expedition Race.  An Adventure Racing World Series qualifying event in the mountains of California  

Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge Four and Twelve Hour Adventure Race Northern California’s 4 and 12 hr sprint run, ride and paddle adventure race. June 17th 2017 See more details on the 2017 event below.

Night 'O'

Night 'O'

Gold Rush Night Orienteering Join us to have fun or improve your orienteering skills. At Excheqer park on Lake McClure. Saturday April 16th 2016 FULL MOON!

Orienteering Clinics

Orienteering Clinics

Gold Rush Orienteering Clinics Come join us at Red Hills near Chinese Camp to learn about Orienteering or improve your skills. Contact us for the next clinic.

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2017 Calendar

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Day 'O' - February 18th.    Exchequer Park at Lake McClure.

Night 'O' - April 8th.    Exchequer Park at Lake McClure.
Summer Challenge - June 17th. Sierra Foothills.
30 hour - Date TBA..            Sierra Foothills.

See the events and Calendar pages for full details.

As details of the events are confirmed, the web site will be updated with those new details.


'Columbia Vidaraid powered by Pasokin' wins theGold Rush 30 Hour Challenge and NAARS Championship event.


The 30 Hour Challenge and NAARS Championships finished at 1:30pm Sunday September 18th.

For race pictures and comments see Gold Rush AR Facebook  and for results see 30 hour results details.

Overall Results:

Position, Name, points (cp's)reached, time(hh:mm)

1st 'Columbia Vidaraid pwrd by Pasokin. 25 pts (all cps).28hr 06
2nd Journey Racing. 24 points. 30hr 14min
3rd Nevada Nightcrawlers. 20 points. 28hr 03min
4th Nor Cal. 20 points. 29hr 50min
5th Team Green. 19 points. 28hr 53min
6th Altitude Junkies. 19 points. 28hr 33min.
7th Heart Of The Woods. 17 points. 29hr 03min
8th Recalculating. 16 points. 29hr 07min
9th Team Lucky 16 points. 29hr 30min.
10th Off Course Navigation. 14 points. 27hr 38min
11th Irken Invaders. 14 points.27hr 47min
12th Sasquatch. 13 points. 25hr 56min
13th And Loving It. 13 points. 26hr 48min
14th Peak Happiness. 22 points. 31hr 12min. Finished over 31 hr cutoff.
15th CFR Tec. Finished Incomplete. Reached CP10 complete
16th Porkys Revenge. Finished Incomplete. Reached Cp 8 complete.
17th LPF. DNF Cp10.. Reached Cp 8 complete.

Entry List


Team Name



Altitude Junkies

Beau Van Zante

Mareese Keane

Canice Harte

Rolly Delfin


And Loving It!

Thomas Proulx

Denyse Skipper

Nick Giori

Kathy Giori


Columbia Vidaraid powered by PASOKIN

Barbara Bomfim

Marco Amselem

Flavio Guercio Fernandes

Helcio Terres


Heart of the Woods

Michael DuBois

Jen DuBois

Jeff Coker

Timothy Wood


Irken Invaders

Geoffrey Budd

Gabrielle Halberg

Isaac Noble

Sean Noble


Journey Racing

Ian Hoag

Fletcher Hamel

Colin Hamel

Melissa Miller


Nevada Nightcrawlers

Jacqueline Wollman

David Noble

Mark Henderson

Bryce Henderson


Nor Cal

Henrike Siemen



Gulnur Tumbat






Josh Farr

Trevor Lambert

Ryan Walker


Porky's Revenge

Nathan Ridlon

Bill Bingham

Matthew McLaughlin



Ivan Lopez

Halliday Kyle

Stephanie Briggs


Team Lucky

Mila Olson

Laura Schweitzer

Jennifer Cabrera


Off-Course Navigation

Michelle Hart

Harter Joe


Team Green

Daniel Sheeter

Marcus Dufiort



Charlie Baggett

Patrick Dillon



Chad Lange

David Bell


Peak Happiness

Julia Crytzer


30 hour details

Gold Rush hosts the NAARS Championship event.

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The 2016 Gold Rush 30 hour event will be the NAARS championship event. Get ready for September 2016 in Northern california. We welcome teams from all overNorth America. 

30 hour details

AR History Project...


The AR History project will collect information about past AR events. Starting in the late 1970's , Adventure Racing had only a few major events until the sport began to blossom in 2000. We still have the chance to collect the complete history of Adventure Racing. In just a few days, we will provide the link to the AR History Project Site where we can all begin to fill out the history of Adventure racing.

Thanks for your support.

2016 Summer Challenge

Summer Challenge June 18th. 2016.

Congratulations to 'Irken Invaders' in the 4 hour and team 'Mark and Dennis' in the 12 hour event.


Start small_wide


Pictures: Summer Challenge Pictures on flickr


Gold Rush Adventure Racing Night O

Night Orienteering Results,

Take a look at these great vidoes made by the fabulous video team from the University of Cincinnati

Gold Rush Expedition Race - Video Update #1 the start.

Gold Rush Expedition Race - Video Update #2  Kayak

Gold Rush Expedition Race - Video Update #3 TA1

Gold Rush Expedition Race - Video Update #4 Climb Site

Gold Rush Expedition Race - Video Update #5 the Final Leg